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As an example of the information that LMSC subscribers receive we have listed 3 sample articles, chosen at random, from our recent archive.

Charity Commission: Fundraising Warning

The Charity Commission has published a report warning charities to carry out proper checks on their fundraising companies.

The report follows the Commission's investigation of a fundraising company, Paradigm Solutions, after concerns were raised about its activities as well as the previous fraud convictions of the company's proprietor. The case illustrates the importance of charities actively managing their relationship with commercial partners to make sure they comply with the law. For example, charities should check the credentials of a company they want to work in partnership with to make sure the donating public is not misled.

The Charity Commission has published guidance on this issue and will provide support to charities and their partners on best practice as laid out in the Commission's Regulatory Report, Charities and Commercial Partners (RS2). If Charities still fail to comply, the Charity Commission can open a formal investigation, freeze charitable funds or appoint a receiver and manager.

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  • Date: 11 August 2003 (Posted: 14 August 2003)

Of additional interest:

Government News Distribution Service closing down

The Central Office of Information is being closed at the end of March. Consequently, the Government’s central News Distribution Service website will also be closed. From 1 April those seeking information about policy initiatives will have to go the various departmental websites directly. For the moment there is a useful directory at http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Dl1/Directories/A-ZOfCentralGovernment/index.htm.

However, Directgov is itself to close; and the Cabinet Office has launched an experimental trial (‘beta’) replacement for Directgov as the first step towards a single government website. It is can be accessed at https://www.gov.uk/ but the site currently has an emphatic disclaimer that it is a test website which may contain inaccuracies or be misleading.

Until further notice, Directgov remains the official website for government information and services.

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  • Date: 08 February 2012 (Posted: 08 February 2012)

Of additional interest:

    Grant funding clause will not be added in Scotland

    The Scottish Government's Social Justice Secretary, Alex Neil, confirmed on 18 February 2016 that, due to it already having robust controls in place, the Scottish Government will not be adding the "anti-advocacy" clause to its grant offer letters.

    The clause has already caused a good deal of controversy, with many claiming that it could restrict some third sector organisations from trying to influence Parliament.

    The UK Government maintains that this clause is not meant to restrict charities from performing their crucial role in providing a voice for communities. It says that organisations in receipt of Government grants will still be able to use other funds to lobby Government, thus maintaining their right to free speech.

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    • Date: 18 February 2016 (Posted: 18 February 2016)

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