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As an example of the information that LMSC subscribers receive we have listed 3 sample articles, chosen at random, from our recent archive.

Volunteering: Encouragement for Volunteer Coaches

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has announced 7 million funding to encourage more volunteer coaches in sport. The Step into Sport project is jointly funded by the DCMS (4 million) and the Home Office Active Communities Unit (3 million).

The aims of the project over the next two years are to:

train and support 60,000 young people to develop their leadership skills and encourage them to volunteer

train 8,000 adult volunteers to mentor, lead, officiate, administer and coach sport locally

assist national governing bodies of sport to produce volunteer support strategies and to provide support to 20,000 volunteer co-ordinators.

The project will cover all 150 local authorities in England and, where they exist, will focus on School Sport Co-ordinator Partnerships.

The project is clearly aiming high: the DCMS headline reads, "7 million boost to develop the future Sven".

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  • Date: 27 June 2002 (Posted: 28 June 2002)

Of additional interest:

    Trustee Indemnity Insurance

    The Charity Commission has announced a change in its procedures relating to Trustee Indemnity Insurance (TII). Until now, charity trustees have had to make detailed cases to the Commission to get authorisation to buy indemnity insurance for themselves from charity funds. This is because TII is technically a benefit to the trustees, not the charity. The Charity Commission has acknowledged that, although it has never sought to prosecute a trustee for honest mistakes, the issue of TII may be an obstacle to some charities recruiting trustees.

    The Commission's new approach is to make the authorizing of the purchase of TII much simpler by moving to a 'self certification' approach. Trustees are required to look at a number of factors, including other methods of insurance and the cost of TII as a proportion of the charity's income; if they then believe that TII is appropriate and in the best interests of the charity and this is communicated to the Commission, then the Commission will authorise its purchase.

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    • Date: 05 April 2003 (Posted: 05 April 2003)

    Of additional interest:

    EU coordination policy

    The Commission is looking for constructive solutions adopted by consensus to adapt national fiscal systems to the Treaty. The aim is to remove discrimination and double taxation, to prevent inadvertent non-taxation and abuse, and to reduce compliance costs associated with being subjected to more than one tax system.

    Albert Raedler, member of the direct taxation team at DG TAXUD, recently explained to us the new strategy that the Commission is implementing to favour the coordination of tax systems. Instead of taking taxation issues directly to Council meetings - ECOFIN being mainly political and lacking the necessary technical expertise - the Commission is now dispatching the issues to sub-groups of national experts which then try to reach a consensus. That consensus is then brought forward to the Council. The national experts are representatives of the national governments, all member states are invited, and the sub-group is led by the country most concerned. Currently, only government representatives are invited to these meetings; however, though no representatives from civil society are being asked to participate, they can send position papers to their national administrations or the European Commission.

    A sub-group led by the UK Government is currently looking at charity taxation and cross-border giving. It met first in mid-November 2007 and a second meeting is planned in the first quarter of 2008. CMC is in close touch with the English official sitting on the group and we will try to make sure that our priorities are being considered.

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    • Date: 03 February 2008 (Posted: 03 February 2008)

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