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As an example of the information that LMSC subscribers receive we have listed 3 sample articles, chosen at random, from our recent archive.

VAT: VAT on Buildings and Land

The Value Added Tax (Buildings and Land) Order 2002, SI 2002, No. 1102 will come into force on 1 June 2002. The Order, which provides for a taper over ten years, was approved by the House of Commons on 8 May. [Source: HC Votes and Procs 8 May 2002]

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  • Date: 10 May 2002 (Posted: 09 June 2002)

Of additional interest:


    The Commission has published new Guidance to trustees on internal disputes within charities: Conflicts in your charity - a statement of approach by the Charity Commission. The Guidance states that it is usually the trustees' responsibility to resolve conflicts, and suggests third party mediation through a regional or national umbrella body such as the local Council for Voluntary or the NCVO. Alternatively, the charity might employ a professional mediator.

    If the parties involved in the dispute decide to take their disagreement to the Charity Tribunal or the court, the Tribunal or the court will expect them to have tried mediation before hearing their case. Often the parties need the permission of the Commission to take court action in relation to an internal dispute within the charity; and the Commission will usually expect them to have tried mediation before giving consent. Even if the Commission agrees that the matter is best resolved by the court, it will not follow that the charity must in all cases meet the costs of the application. This may have to be paid by those bringing the case.

    Only rarely can the Commission involved: where

    • there are no validly appointed trustees; and

    • all other methods of resolving the dispute have failed.

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    • Date: 27 June 2008 (Posted: 27 June 2008)

    Of additional interest:

     Guidance on Charities SORP Published

    The Charity Commission has published a package of guidance material to help charities of all sizes prepare their accounts and trustee reports in line with the Charities SORP 2005, which will apply for accounting periods starting on or after 1 April 2005.

    A new co-ordinated webpage also provides direct links to the accounts of leading charities which adopted SORP 2005 early, providing practical examples and illustration.

    For smaller charities, the Commission has published:

    ◦ a Receipts and Payments Accounts Pack that provides a template for the layout and content of the annual report and accounts; and

    ◦ an Accrual Pack that provides a similar template for charities below the audit threshold that prepare accruals accounts.

    The Commission states that these packs can currently be downloaded and printed and will shortly be available in a format that can be completed on PCs.

    For charities designing their own accounts, the Commission has published:

    ◦ a pack of six example accounts to help charities design the content and layout of their own accounts; and, with help from early-adopters; and

    ◦ a link to the website of a number of charities who have already prepared accounts under SORP 2005.

    In the lead-up to SORP 2005 implementation, more examples and further links to the accounts of other early adopters will be added.

    The accounting packs, examples, and other accountancy guidance can be downloaded from the Commission's website at the link below.

    Smaller non-company charities may opt out of preparing accruals accounts if their gross income is below the relevant legislative threshold. Legislation in England and Wales also allows smaller charities preparing accruals accounts to opt out of many of the SORP's provisions. The threshold for this will become that of the audit threshold proposed in the Charities Bill - income of 500,000.


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    • Date: 03 February 2006 (Posted: 08 February 2006)

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